About Me

Hallo! I’m Ruby but am commonly known as ‘ahnpan’ in the internet.

I am a mobile app developer by day and toy photographer, artist, polymer clay sculptor, casual gamer by night! I live in the Philippines and have been collecting nendoroids for almost 5 years. Quite a long time, ne? I haven’t been active in collecting lately, only ones I really, really, realllyyyyyyy like.

I started collecting and toy photography year 2012, taking photos every once in a while.  I was active a few years ago but am currently busy with adult-ing! I graduated from being a typical, lazy engineering otaku student to a full time adult. Being a new adult is hard, I’m trying my best!

Toy photography and nendoroids are my creative outlet, they make me feel happy and I hope I can convey that through my photos as well. Creating miniatures, painting, and drawing also makes me feel relaxed and happy.

This blog is my own personal space in the internet. I aim to share my love for nendoroids and art, and be better than who I was yesterday! I’ll be blogging about nendos, life, art, and whatever I feel like. Although my past few posts focus on nendoroids, I plan on posting more about other things in my life.

I hope you enjoy looking and reading as much as I enjoy creating my posts.


You can contact me through email, or message me on my facebook page.

Email :

ahnpan [at] ahnpan [dot] com

ahnpan [at] ymail [dot] com

Links to my facebook, deviantart, and other accounts are at the website’s sidebar.

Finally, feel free to comment on my posts. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please do tell me by leaving a comment or , since I am currently more active at my facebook page, message me at my facebook page. I’d love to hear from you guys. Thank you!