[Halloween Shoot 2016] The Summoning


Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
The Mummy sat on the rubble and sighed, “It’s always like this every year. They’re always late… I wonder if we’re actually going to have a party this time”. She had been patiently waiting for a few hours, her companions nowhere in sight.

Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
“I guess I’ll just wait here.” The Mummy sat on a rock while staring at the warm fire. Arms drenched in blood were sticking from the ground, making irate movements. A few violent shakes later, the Mummy whispered, “If you zombies could just hurry up and pull yourself out of the ground, that’d be great. I’m ‘really getting lonely here. I need more friends… or a better social circle…”
Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
“It’s getting boring here.” It was natural to be bored. She had waited another hour or so, doing nothing but staring into the fire. “That’s it. I’ll come back later.” She stood up and walked away, leaving the skull alone with the arms that were sticking out of the ground.

Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
The Reaper appeared and walked towards the camp fire. “I thought that mummy would be here by now. She’s always too freaking early. Let’s see if we can summon Faceless today.” She brought out her scythe, chanted incoherent words, then took a swing near the camp fire. She almost cut off a hand from an arm sticking from the ground, but alas, she did not care.
Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
Suddenly a ghost materialized by her side. “Why did you summon me again? Isn’t it too early. We both know am just gonna go looking for my face again this year,” the Faceless Ghost muttered. She was clearly annoyed based on her voice, but the Reaper didn’t take her seriously. The Faceless does this every year, she was quite used to it. “Let’s just wait for the Mummy then we can start,” Reaper said.

Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
“Oi oi, you guys are here! Finally. I was waiting alllll dayyyyy.” Mummy complained, a few sheets of the paper wrapped around her fell to the ground as she waved her arms.
“You’re always too early. Anyways, did somebody bring the human sacrifice?” The Reaper asked.
“I thought you were supposed to bring it this year…” Mummy replied, shooting Reaper a worried face.
“Ugh.. Seriously? No one brought a human sacrifice? How are we even ever gonna summon something?!” Reaper sighed.
“I’m only here to look for my face…” Faceless obviously didn’t care too much.
“I thought we were gonna have a party, I don’t know this summoning thing you’re saying.” Mummy was clueless as ever.
“I give up. Next year let’s just terrorize the kids out trick or treating.” Reaper sighed. It was always like this every year. Mummy is too early, Faceless would only come to steal the face of some poor nendoroid that would pass by, and Reaper will always remind them to bring a human sacrifice next time.
“Okay then.” The two replied. Mummy was already busy shaking hands with one of the arms protruding from the ground, while Faceless found a Jack-O-Lantern face that intrigued her. Reaper face palmed, sighed, then took a seat.
Hopefully next year will be different.

This was a really fun set! I stained a lot of my split nendoroid arms, a little bummed about that. I rushed this a day before a family outing, so that I can make it to Hubbyte Toy Store’s Halloween Contest‘s deadline.

Here are 2 shots by my sister. It had good lighting and composition, but she didn’t know how to make my camera focus. I quite like them though!
Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry
Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry

Here’s a behind the scene shot:
Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry

Lighting was really hard for this one. Or maybe am just getting rusty? It’s been a while!

About the contest, I luckily won! The grand prize was 6000 pesos (120 USD) worth of Nendoroid goodies! I am so happy! There were lots of great, creative entries. I feel lucky. The photo below was the one that won grand prize.

Hubbyte Nendoroid Halloween Contest Entry

Funny because I almost didn’t place this one because it’s the first shot for the set, only testing for lighting and it’s not edited except for a bit of contrast. I got really lucky. (/゚Д゚)/

I’m really thankful. I’ll be sharing photos of some of the stuff I won, because they’re adorable!

I’m still thinking about what to do for a Christmas post. We’ll see!

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