Nendoroid Cynthia and Garchomp Review (ねんどろいどシロナとガブリアスレビュー(英語))


Nendoroid Cynthia Review


Today I’ll be reviewing the great Champion of the Sinnoh Region, Cynthia with her beloved Garchomp! I’m pretty excited about her since I started playing Pokemon Y on my 3DS last December, been breeding a perfect Gibble rofl. My 3DS friend code is at the end of the post, leave a comment with yours and I’ll add you! Onto the review.

Nendoroid #507 Cynthia and Garchomp is a Pokemon Center exclusive, although she was also sold in some conventions too. I was so excited to get her! I found her for cheap at a local store for 2000 pesos (around 42 USD or 5000 jpy), actual Japan retail price! Shoutout to my friend Lach of Pieces, Missing Pieces for enabling me. My friends at Figure Shutter’s Guild never fail to enable me into buying stuff. Such great friends, leading me to poverty. >.>


The Box

Her box is a bit different from the typical nendoroid box as she doesn’t have a window that lets you peek inside. It has a plain black and yellow motif, quite fitting for Cynthia. It’s filled with photos of them in different poses too. I wasn’t able to take a photo, but her inner blister background thing is just plain black with a gray number 507 written at the middle.
Nendoroid Cynthia Review
Nendoroid Cynthia Review Nendoroid Cynthia Review Nendoroid Cynthia Review



Cynthia doesn’t come with a lot of parts. She comes with 1 extra face plate (a smug, close eyes expression), 3 extra arms, 1 extra bent leg part, a pokeball, and Garchomp. Most of the blister space was taken by Garchomp’s gigantic fin and back fin. I don’t mind the lack of extra body parts/accessories though; Garchomp is HUGE, really great displayed next to Cynthia and quite domineering.

Nendoroid Cynthia Review Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Closer Look

Here are some photos I took while trying to recreate the box photos.
Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Cynthia next to Garchomp. This photo shows their size difference. I love how Garchomp is really much taller than Cynthia. She (Garchomp)can be taller but I posed her at her most balanced in this shot.

Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Cynthia’s default pose. This is her pose when you take her out of the box. She has the default smile faceplate. Somehow it really fits her, as she invokes maturity and pokemon wisdom in this pose, in my opinion!

Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Holding a pokeball. The pokeball is very well sculpted, you can feel the indents and circle details when you touch it. Her dress is quite beautiful, I wasn’t able to take a photo but the texture of the fur on her coat, as well as the creases on her pants are really well sculpted. If you look closer, even the details of her shoes are painted on. It has gold detailing!

Nendoroid Cynthia Review
Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Garchomp is quite a gigantic accessory! Really great since it scales really well with the nendoroid. She’s quite poseable too. Her fins/arms part, shoulders, and legs can rotate, allowing a variety of poses. Her head has a joint, you can rotate it, and move it up and down. The large fin part on her back is initially detached, as well as the tip of her tail; that is so that she’ll fit on the box. She’s really great, I love her! The paint job is nice on mine, and the details of her face is nicely painted too. The only downside I saw was that in my Garchomp, the left arm is s bit loose so sometimes it falls off when I move it.

Tandem Photos

Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Cynthia feeling smug after another great pokemon battle! I’m not very fond of this faceplate, but it fits her well as a pokemon trainer. Notice how good Garchomp’s head joint is! You can make her look almost anywhere. Somehow I wish we can open and close her mouth too.

Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Battle Dance! I love her extra pointy finger! Great for challenging other nendoroids to a pokebattle.
Nendoroid Cynthia Review

If I had a Garchomp, I’d try to ride on it’s back for sure! Can’t blame Cynthia for trying, ne?

Nendoroid Cynthia Review

Who deserves a nice belly rub? Whoooo does? Yes you do, Garchomp! Yes, you! I wish pokemon were real. Imagine petting a Dragonite! Or a Charizard! or a Gyarados! Hnnnggg!

Nendoroid Cynthia Review
After failing a battle… don’t cry Garchomp! You’re making Cynthia cry too!
You can see from this shot how much you can pose Garchomp, you can make her look like she’s sitting, standing, or just being a bad-ass Shark Dragon thing!

Final Thoughts

For the price I got her, Cynthia is quite a steal. Just having Garchomp makes her all worth it. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, get her! You won’t be disappointed! The paint job is nice, you can do a variety of poses, and she’s a pretty stable nendoroid. Her body and hair parts are quite beautiful, you can mix and match it with most nendos and have a great outcome. Garchomp by herself is awesome, very poseable and is in scale with other nendoroids too.

However, if your not a fan of pokemon in general, then I think you can skip on her. She doesn’t really have much unique parts other than Garchomp. And her price has been increasing lately. If you find her at a cheap price then I recommend her! If not, I don’t think you’ll miss out on much if you don’t get her.

All in all, Cynthia is a great, solid nendoroid addition to the increasing Pokemon series nendoroid. If you’re a pokemon fan, get her! She won’t disappoint!


Cynthia and Garchomp’s next Great Battle

Nendoroid Cynthia Review
Been actively breeding pokemons! Just finished Pokemon Y, although I’m still finishing some end story quests. Will be playing Omega Ruby next! I also play Monster Hunter~
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