Did I die? Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!


So first things first, did I die? I’m very much alive, guys!

Happy New Year!

2015 was a really tough year for me. I got my first job and underwent rigorous training! Basically I studied more technical stuff (I got my PhilNITS FE certification!) and basic Japanese. I’m still really bad at Japanese in general but I can understand a little now! Woo~

Re-chan ready to give you hell!

I was looking through all the photos I took for 2015 and I only found 4 decent ones. Can you believe that? After my last post I only took 4 relatively decent photos. Quite saddening to be honest, but I was really busy and focused a lot on work and training so I guess time just flew by like that.

Highlight of 2015 was Figure Shutter’s Guild’s After Christmas party! We were complete for the first time and it was very fun. We haven’t been active in posting anything mainly due to life. We constantly meet to eat and have fun though!

The “No Pantsu” Duo!

The year just started but I already realized something important; maximize your time. Last year I didn’t get to do a lot besides work and training just because when I get home I was too tired to do anything. Now I’m really trying my best to do things once I get home and resist the urge to go lie in bed for the rest of the night.


Syntax Erawr’s Beautiful Yoki!


This year I aim to take more photos! I won’t be buying more nendoroids though, as I’m saving money for the future (It’s hard to be an adult T_T). However, I have around 40+ nendoroids here as back log, mint in sealed box. Let’s go through that I guess!

Another priority this year is to pass JLPT N4 by July and N3 by December, or maybe I’ll just go straight to N3 by December. Really aiming for that. I took the N4 exams last December but I think I failed that miserably. Oh well! What goals do you have for this year?


Saber Bride at a local convention. Stunning!


What would you like to see more from me this year? I’m planning on more reviews, stories and whatnot. I’ll try to squeeze in some time for hobbies in between work, social life, and studying Japanese.

If you have any suggestions, do comment below!
Til’ next post!

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