[Review] Nendoroid Oshino Shinobu Nisemonogatari Premium Box


Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the nendoroid version of this, arguably, most adorable vampire in existence!

Dun dun dun….

All hail Shinobu-sama!

If you do not know Shinobu-sama, she’s one of the primary characters in the Monogatari Series. Here’s what wikia has to say about her:

Shinobu Oshino (忍野 忍, Oshino Shinobu) is a mysterious girl who acts as Meme Oshino’s constant companion in the ruins of Eikou Cram School . She was formerly the powerful 500-year-old vampire, coming from a royal bloodline, named Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (キスショット・アセロラオリオン・ハートアンダーブレード), but is now in the form of an eight-year-old girl after losing her powers. She refers to herself using “washi” (ワシ).

Now she resides in Araragi-kun’s shadow, referring to him as her ‘master’ or him as her ‘servant’.

Anyhow, if you hadn’t watched the series, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. Don’t ask why, just watch it.

Now onto the review. Shinobu is a Limited + Exclusive nendoroid and is bundled in the Nisemonogatari Premium box. Let’s first take a look at her premium box package.


Surely you can feel how “premium” she is. Her outer box is definitely bigger than most nendoroid boxes and contains a number of items inside. Shinobu is the second premium box nendoroid from the Monogatari series, Senjougahara Hitagi being the first.


Here’s all the things inside the package. Quite a lot, neh? I’ve heard from a few other collectors that Shinobu’s contains more stuff than Hitagi’s but that’s another issue altogether~


Here we have the included post cards. The back has a plain white and pink motif with the Nisemonogatari logo. All of the illustrations look great! My personal favorite is the one in the middle, since it features Shinobu in all her kawaii glory~


Also included in the package are these Weiß Schwarz and Precious Memories cards. I don’t know how to play those, do inform/teach me if you do! I just like looking at them since the illustrations are nice.


And here’s a short story by Nisio Isin. I really wish I could read it! It’s written in Japanese.


These are the bundled posters. Taking photos of these was definitely a challenge! They were rolled inside the box. These are definitely high quality. The poster itself is made of a shiny, plastic material and seems durable.


And lastly, before the nendoroid itself, are some pins!

Now onto the nendoroid itself…

Shinobu’s box has a white and pink theme throughout and follows the nendoroid 300+ box design. It features some poses you can do with her.


Here’s her blister pack:


She’s too cute! Even from inside the blister, I can sense her aura of adorableness! Hnnngggg! (or maybe it’s just because I’m a lolicon *coughcough*)

From a nendoroid collector’s point of view, I think she has just have the basics accessories and parts. A few arm parts for holding her sword or donuts and her hat. Accessories-wise, she doesn’t have much compared to other nendos released today. I actually neglected to pre-order her because of that, since her price was much more expensive than other nendos but she only has a few accessories. On the other hand, the accessories that she does have are perfect representations of her. Her love for donuts shines through with the 3 donut parts that she has. She also have her sword, the “Kokoro Watari”, and THAT HAT. So adorable.


Her box’s cardboard back features a view of Araragi’s room! You can use that as a backdrop for photos if you want to.

Onto some face parts and poses~


Here’s her default pose with her smile/default face plate. She certainly looks cute and innocent here. Don’t be fooled though.


Now for some donut action! Here’s Shinobu-chan enjoying her donuts! She REALLY LOVES her donuts. I’m disappointed though, GSC should’ve added her favorite golden choco!

Lastly, here’s her menacing, intimidating face plate. Surely you have to agree that it’s a perfect pair along with her Kokoro Watari.


A few more photos of some other poses you can do with her~


Eating while holding her sword. Living life dangerously!


Owoo, so mysterious. Ready to die?-ish!


Pointing her sword directly at you. Run. Seriously. You should.


Licking her sword. Aren’t you intimidated?


DON’T CRY SHINOBU-CHAN!!! WE LOVE YOU. *evenifyoudosecretlywannakillus*


Donut? DonutS? YES!

Final Thoughts
Overall Shinobu is a pretty solid nendoroid. She was faithfully transformed into her nendo form. The accessories that they added are also really good representations of her. She can easily be posed, and is pretty sturdy with her stand. Her body and accessories can also easily be swapped with other nendos and I’m 100% sure that it’d look fantastic.

The premium box package contains a lot of items that hardcore Shinobu fans will surely like. I got the premium box for 3450 php or around 9k yen which is pretty expensive for a nendoroid. I love her though and she’s one of my all time favorite characters so I really don’t mind the price. However, if you’re not a Monogatari or Shinobu fan, I don’t think that the price of the premium box will be justifiable as she has only a few parts. She’s very cute though! I highly suggest you get her if you can find her without the other items or for a cheaper price.

Lastly, if you have her, remember not to give her donuts to your other nendos!


R.I.P. Mayoi

Next review would be Araragi-kun’s!

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  1. whoaa, Love shinobu, btw Nice Review

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      Thank you! Spread the Shinobu love! <3

  2. Such an adorable nendoroid, Love the photos! 😀

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      She sure is! I love her nendo and her chara! 😀

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