Miniature Donuts


My second creations, a set of donuts!


Another WIP shot, this was before decorating most of them.

It was my first time to use Translucent Liquid Sculpey and made it too runny. This turned my “green tea” into snot and/or slime and my “strawberry” into translucent. :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
See? Ugly snot green color. Lesson learned!

Had to hide them in my final shots.



The results aren’t too bad, right?
ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Anyways, I post most of my WIPs and shots at my instagram account lately.
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  1. These are very cool~! 😀

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thank you! *A*
      I’m going to make them into earrings or charmss one of these days <3

  2. Fishy says: Reply

    So cute! You’re good at this miniature sculpting thing~ I saw your bread ones too. >w< I look forward to see more of your miniature creations~

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thank you! I have made a few more XD Not as successful as these ones though! *A*

  3. Oh my.. those look absolutely delicious! 😀 I want to eat them! nom nom nom..

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Their poison donuts! nooooooo

  4. Joel Håkansson says: Reply

    Nom nom nom <3

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