[365, 68-74+] Week 10, Nendo Farm Anniversary Party!


Hakase has been preparing something special for 2 weeks now! From party hats to balloons!

Tooko, Miku, and Erio came extra early to get first dibs on the food!
Mami’s more interested on the nendo boxes more than anything. You have to admit, what’s a nendo farm party without the nendos?!

Miku’s enjoying her leeks and cake!

Hakase’s messing with Nano, as usual!

Erio has her own pizza. Seems like she doesn’t want to share.

Special meido of the day! Faris Nyan Nyan serving up drinks! Milk, of course. We can’t have underage nendos drinking liquor!

Tooko’s enjoying her donut. She already consumed a ton of choco! Remember?

A huge party like this is a ton of work! They seem to be having fun though!

A little gift. 🙂

This little set is dedicated to Nendo Farm, a small nendo shop-turned-community! Happy Anniversary guys!

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  1. These are so cute and fun!
    Your diversity really is amazing~

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Oh my, it took me almost a year to find this. XD
      Thanks so muchh!

  2. Hakase and faris ;-; me want. Your pictures are always great, love to see them XD


    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Faris and Hakase are lovely! One of my favorites! XD
      Thanks so much! Sorry I haven’t been very active in photography lately. T__T

  3. Absolutely wonderful the pictures they are! haha! =3

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

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