[Nendo Repair] Removing Broken Neck Joints


I’ve been planning on doing this since forever but only had the will to do it today! I’m not really the most careful nendo collector in the world (probably the worst), so it’s quite normal for me to have broken parts every now and then. I have quite a few broken neck joints stuck on nendo bodies and faceplates, somebody had to repair them!

I vaguely followed Mikatan’s tutorial for for this one. This are the tools I use for removing joints:
A handheld drill, super glue, wire, long nose pliers, and regular pliers. If you’re from PH, you can buy the same handheld drill that I have for less than 1000 on Alexan (an electronics shop).
For starters, try to remove the stuck neck joint part on the head by using regular pliers. The joint is rounded so it slips sometimes but if you position the pliers correctly, you can easily pull out the joint.
If the joint broke in half and only a half of the round joint remains, you can try to remove it by using long nose pliers.
I had to twist the joint a little to lift it off of this one.
Do this for all faceplates/bodies that has a protruding joint part.
Now, if the joint is stuck inside the nendo like this one, it’ll be a little trickier.
This is where your drill comes in. Drill a hole into the joint part.
Drop a little bit of super glue into the drilled hole and place your wire inside.
Do this for all the stuck joints and wait for them to dry! Don’t be hasty, just leave the glue to dry for about 30 mins or an hour or until you see that it’s not watery anymore.
When dry, pull out the wire connected to the joint by using your pliers. repair-11
Sometimes, even if you pull hard, the joint will still remain but will protrude a little. This is your chance to use a long nose plier to pull it out.
I just pulled this one with my hands, the wire I used was pretty long and it came out smoothly.
And voila! The broken joints are now removed!
I don’t repair the joint itself since I think it’s pretty much a hassle. I usually just use another nendo’s joint.

If you have questions feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  1. Shane Moreno says: Reply

    ikaw n idol!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      lol inde naman nuh! :))

  2. Nice tip! 😀 Hope this doesn’t happen to my futures figures XD

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Hopefully! No one wants broken figs. D:
      I’m very unlucky though, I saw my Miku’s hair with lots of scratches the other day so yeahhhh… I need to take better care of them @_@

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