McDonald’s Breakfast!


I’m a sucker for McDo’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin.
Danbo likes it too!
Ordered a Sausage and Egg McMuffin for breakfast the other day. I was going to take photos of Hachikuji and Danbo at Ayala Park but.. let’s just say I hate mornings.

I ended up taking more photos of Danbo inside McDonald’s than Mayoi at Ayala Park.
Anzu thought it was a bed. Bad Anzu!
Lion-kun wanted to eat too. Had to let him bite my McMuffin.
Danbo ate most of it though. I should’ve ordered two!
Enjoyed the hashbrown by myself though, Danbo and Lion-kun already ate too much of my McMuffin. >.<!
Turn things upside down! A great Danbo and Lion-kun stunt!
I wish I ordered more McMuffins. T_T

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  1. It’s been years since I’ve had breakfast at McDonalds! I always wake up too late =_=’
    I love those hash browns though. There’s nothing like fried potatoes. I hope they don’t start trying to be healthy and bake them…

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      This is my first time in a long while too! XD
      McDonald’s is known for its heart-clogging foods, it’d be a surprise it they even try to be healthy =))
      I remember an issue with their salad, it was greens but was still unhealthy due to more sugar. :))
      I really liked the hashbrowns too, but I’d like to try an authentic hash brown someday and not just fast food hashbrowns.

      1. True. It’s sad when they pretend that you can actually have a balanced meal there though. Apples and milk in Happy Meals? If you want your kid to eat apples, don’t go to McDonalds and at least give them fresh apples =_= It’s all or nothing, McDonalds!
        You’ve never had hash browns? They’re really good! The fast food ones are good, but in a different way. Real hashbrowns are crispy and buttery because they’re made in a pan, so the texture is different. They’re actually really easy to make especially if you can find frozen shredded potatoes at the store(using frozen potatoes isn’t as bad since shredding them yourself takes forever XD).
        …Why am I on a food rant? >_>’

        1. ahnpan says: Reply

          I suppose hash browns isn’t popular in my country XD Being an asian country and all… our breakfast usually consists of fried rice, egg, and another meat/fish dish XD

          Haha, I never heard that! They really tried selling apples and milk there? That’s weird for a fast food chain XD I love their apple pie though.

          I can rant about food alll day too :)) I don’t mind. XD

  2. I miss breakfast at mcdo… makes me hungry.. =3

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Definitely like having breakfast at mcdo, the hot choco is yummy. 😀

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