Erio and Ramen?


In a desperate attempt to actually post something, I present to you 3 Erio photos and a ramen!


My favorite ramen ever!
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka’s Shio Tokusen Toroniku Ramen. <3


That’s all I have for now. //shootsself
First photo did make it to the Top 5 POTD at MFC the other day though. 😀

Oh well..

I was supposed to post a Snow Miku 2013 photoshoot but due to some circumstances that’s scrapped, for now. Was trying to get more photos but it seems like lately I’m either too lazy or too uninspired to do anything. 😐

Maybe I should try not limiting myself to figure photos? I wonder… Shall I upload my food and portrait shots? 😀

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  1. 13tmp says: Reply

    Kaya pala familiar mga shots mo, hi kabayan! ^_^
    Great shots! Following…!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Hello kababayan! XD Salamat salamat! ^_^ Di ko masyado nauupdate blog ko eh haha!

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