Achievement Unlocked Moments & Dolls


I was sitting on my laboratory class the other day when I received a random text saying, “Congrats! Your entry made it to the TOM finals!!! :D” (it was in Filipino, had to translate lol). Had to check immediately and there I saw it haha! My fellow Pinoy photographers also made it and tagged me on facebook.


O_o.. I made it to the finals of a contest… On top of that 2 of my entries made it… Didn’t think that’d happen. Haha! Lucky!

To be honest when I was shooting for the Lost World photoset, I didn’t intend for it to be in the contest. I just pressed the “Submit as Halloween Contest Entry” on TOM when I was uploading there. I reallllllllllllllllllyyyy feel lucky. XD

I shall mark that day as one of my “Achievement Unlocked – Got To TOM’s Halloween Contest finalists List”.

Speaking of Achievement Unlocked moments, I think the first one I ever had in terms of figure photography was the first time I made it to’s (MFC) Picture of the Day. :)) I was so happy then.


It was from my Menma’s Walk photoset. Till this day I still love that photoset.

I hope one day I’d get a Picture of the Day Award. It seems so hard to get one. >.<!

Onto other things!

I’m very very very very excited for my upcoming pureneemo Tsukiko! <3

I hope she’s as cute as her promotional image! I’m even so excited that I bought a dress for her!
Picture credits to the seller that I bought it from.
It’s for a pullip but I’m crossing my fingers that it’d fit on her. Hah! I feel like I’d be collecting dolls soon. :)) My neemo is still not here and yet I’m already looking at doll clothes, shops, and accessories. @_@ Another wallet killing hobby is on the way.

I even thought of learning how to sew. I’m a real klutz and almost every handicraft I’ve ever made looks like mush so that’s saying something! It’s inspiring to see other PN and doll collectors making their own doll clothes. I saw Yami Usagi’s blogpost the other day and she’s making great progress with Kagura’s homemade clothes!

k 7

Credits to her(Yami Usagi) for the lovely photo o Kagura. So inspiring! The dress looks really good in my opinion. Take a look at her original blogpost here!

I’ll be having 2 exams next week and I really wanted to keep my “every-week-blogpost” streak so I felt I had to blog about something. I’m thinking of having either a nendo photoset by Sunday if I feel like I’ve studied enough tomorrow. <3

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, can you please vote for my entry on TOM’s contest? 😀
If yes, YAY! Here’s the steps:

1) Go to this site:
2) Login using facebook if you don’t have an account yet. You’ll be required to verify your email. (I hope it isn’t too much of a hassle D:)
3) “Suki!” my photo. The button is on the upper right of the picture once you hover there. 😀
4) If it’s your first time to suki! something you’ll be required to allow TOM to post on your wall. You can set it to “Only Me.” privacy if you don’t want others to see. <3
5) Thank you! Have this burger and the assurance that I’ll love you forever!
Also vote on other entries if you want, here they are: TOM Halloween 2013 Finalists List

I’m planning on making a room diorama, anyone knows how to make one? As I’ve said, every handicraft I’ve done turns to mush so haha! I’m hoping it wouldn’t look really bad. O_o

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the finals! I’ve yet to do so in a figure photo contest. I was so happy when GSC had theirs only for it to be scaled figures only. Curses!

    Thank you so much for the feature! ^^ Kagura is happy~
    Since you’re already getting Pureneemo stuff, I’d definitely recommend a comb. It’s very helpful for keeping their hair in order. The comb I use is an Azone one from amiami(only a hundred yen). They still have it in stock in blue and yellow. I’ve heard that small combs like eyebrow and flea work as well.

    I’m no set master, but the one in my Kagura picture is just a piece of cardboard. I cut a hole for the window, added the wooden panes, glued a baking sheet to the window for that diluted effect, and glued patterned paper over the top. It’s good for getting started since you get fast results!

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