Kotobukiya 1/8 Kuroyukihime


Today we take a look at my first ever scale figure, Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Kuroyukihime. It’s my first time taking photos of a scale figure and I’m very excited to have her. I don’t really know much about figures, so don’t expect much of a review. XD


Kuroyukihime is one of the main characters on the anime Accel World. She’s the courageous leader of the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus. I won’t delve into too much details about the anime. The figure is based on her school avatar, a lovely combination of violet and blacks to signify a swallow butterfly.


The figure itself is quite big, mainly because of her large wings. According to MFC, she’s 9.95 inches in height but it seems that it did not consider her wingspan.


The design of the figure itself is beautiful. It features Kuroyukihime, seemingly sitting while holding her beloved Haruyuki. She’s showing a content smile which lights up the whole figure. It’s hard to find an angle in which this sculpt is bad, even her back, sides, and the wings are nicely done. There are, however, very visible seem lines on her hair.




At first glance it seems that Kuroyukihime is sitting on a chair, but a closer inspection reveals that she is floating. o.O Very weird. Her skirt is holding her up. Also.. those legs. Wonderful legs. The sculpt of her legs are beautiful, although there is a very very light seem line, not really noticeable at first glance.


The figure features Kuroyukihime’s delicate curves, especially with her position. I love the arch of her back! Very sexy.


Looking closer, Kotobukiya even gave us a little peek behind her flowy skirt.



Her face is very similar (if not better) to that of her illustrations. Her face is beautiful at almost every angle.


The base is very simple. It depicts her skirt on water. I’m not really impressed but it’s better than those plain circular bases that I always see on other figures.


Removing Haruyuki will make the figure seem odd, since her hand will be held up still. I’d put anything on that besides Haruyuki though! I’m not really fond of that character. (I finished the anime series and I hate him still)


The details of her dress are nicely done. There doesn’t seem to be any stray paint marks, even on her shoe’s laces.



I think Kuroyukihime looks better with some neko.


I never really thought that my first scale figure would be a Kotobukiya, specially since most of the reviews I read said that Kotobukiya’s paint style is flat and needs more shading. Kuroyukihime would be better with a few shadows and shadings here and there but all in all she’s a very beautiful figure and worth the money; more so now since she seems to be cheap in the market due to over-stocking as of writing.


I highly recommend her. She’s very photogenic and would be really great on an outdoor shoot or just as a display in your room. 😀

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