Minions, Discoveries, Loots, and Randoms!

Noooo! Somebody help Sakamoto! Rescure him Minions!

            I’ve been pretty sick lately. Having random fevers and diarrhea… (I shouldn’t have said that) Wasn’t able to make it to class today so I arranged and organized my blog! I finally learned how to make my posts appear in “summary” mode at the front page! Took me long enough… I always wondered how people did that… Now my blog looks a lot cleaner!

      McDonald’s recently released these Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal Minions! I wanna collect them all! People have been hoarding them, it’s now hard to get some of the designs :<

They look so awesome, hah! Can’t wait to get my hands on the other ones. I’ve been eating McDo Happy Meals for the last 3 days…. If I die, please sue them for me!!

Many of my orders came in this month! Also, I went to Singapore a week ago! Stayed there for 4 days. It was such a nice experience, too bad I didn’t have time to take figure photos there since most of my time were hoarded by school-related seminars. :<


Oh such a badly edited photo of my loots. Haha! Didn’t really think it matters to have beautiful loot photos. I bought Nano and the Prisma Illya petit (2wei deluxe box) in La Tendo at Singapore. I was so happy!!!! Nano was such a steal, only 70 SGD (compared to her market price in JP T__T). Illya was a little expensive, but it’s okay since its the whole package and she’s my Holy Petit Grail! I’ve always wanted to have her but she was too expensive at 2.5k JPY and just the figure.

Changi Airport was such a great place. *__* I was already walking to get to my flight but then I saw a Sylvanian toy shop…. I couldn’t resist!!!!! Found myself the Sylvanian Cake Set that I’ve always wanted! <3

The others are special orders and pre-orders that arrived this month. I told myself I wouldn’t buy more figures but seeing them like that… woah I sure did bought a lot. @_@

DSC_8839      A picture of my table display! XD Just puchis and a few nendos. Theia sure feels that that penguin will squish her!

DSC_6589     My dog! His name is Oreo. In total, I have 5 dogs. Four of them are Shi Tzu breeds while the other one is a hybrid of an askal (Filipino street dog) and a pit bull… or at least that’s my theory. I love them all but Oreo likes sleeping in my room so I have quite a lot of photos of him.

    DSC_8832NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That evil minion’s eating Sakamoto!! :((

   After cleaning my blog (summary posts!), I realized that I don’t post much. 😕 I’ll try to make weekly posts from now on. XD

P.S. On a side note, I added a “Visit Us” page. Those who’d like to link exchange, or have already linked me in their blogs, please inform me! I’ll gladly add your blog there.

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  1. sheng says: Reply

    congrats on your loots! Ah, those minions I’ve been wanting to buy atleast 2 or 3. ^_^
    I like this new theme of your blog, very organized.

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      thank you! Try to get some! XD They’re really cute, and photogenic too! And their size are perfect for nendos and figures. Didn’t really change my theme this time, I just learned the more tag. Such an awesome tool. 😀

  2. Oh you must have the stomach flu.. XD You should have asked us how we do it! I too didn’t know how to do that, then just asked someone.

    Nice clean layout!! I too have been wanting to collect the minions from mcdo happy meals, currently I only have the clapper that talks. I might die of burgers and fries haha! XD

    Man! Singapore! I love that country, though everything seems perfect in Singapore, what I don’t like there is that they are not that hospitable towards tourists compared to here in the Philippines. What I like there is the cleanliness and low crime rates and easy transportation (even though they have more expensive transportation costs compared to the Philippines)

    Actually the photo of your loots looks great! For me its also important to take nice photos of loot hauls, I too have been wanting to take better photos of hauls and boxes. XD

    Looks like you’ll be doing a lot of posts regarding your hauls, goodluck! 😀

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      yah, pero medyo okay na ko 😀
      Didn’t really occur to me to ask others haha! I thought it was something obvious that only I didn’t know. Was so glad that I found it. T_T

      Malapit ko na rin makumpleto, isa nalang kulang ko 😀 Usual inoorder ko yung 1 pc chicken with rice, mas sulit kasi kesa sa iba… or pag naawa ako sa sarili ko yung chicken nuggets nalang T_T

      Yah, Singapore was such a beautiful country and I felt safe wherever I walked. D: Wish Philippines is like that too 🙁 To think that we have more natural resources than them. D: Nothing beats Filipino hospitality! :)) Inaway kami nung isang local dun, naupuan ko kasi ung upuan na nireserve nya sa isang hawker place (di ko pa alam na pag may tissue may tao haha). Scary experience! :))

      The loot photo was really rushed and i hated the bg so i erased it with the eraser tool in photoshop and added so many tiny watermark on it. Yung huling loot post ko nakita ko kasi na nakapost as “prize” sa isang fb page. @_@

      Won’t be having more loot posts though XD Probably just starring meh loots. haha! Nagiipon ako para sa camera upgrade. D:

  3. Waaaahhh! Buti ka nakakita ng Prisma Illya na petit. Ang tagal ko na siyang hinahanap pero wala akong makita 🙁

    Congrats on your awesome loot!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Tagal ko rin siya pinangarap. Medyo mahal rin tlga pagkakuha ko sa kanya. T_T Try mo pahanap sa mga shop, sa singapore ko lang kasi tlga siya nakita. D:

      salamat salamat! Huling malaking loot post ko na un eh haha! Nagiipon na kasi ako para sa camera 😀

  4. Gemma says: Reply

    I need to head down to Mc Donalds and get my hands on them minions they are so cute. I bet they are fun to take photographs of.

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      you should! They really are quite an adorable bunch. Haha! And photogenic too! XD

  5. Nice loots! 🙂

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thanks! 😀

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