Photo Dump

dec 21

I haven’t been actively posting here. //wrist

Here are some of the photos I took for the last few months.
Oldest first! 😀

Miku in Lights

Did this one last December 2012…

When will I get down from here?
Glowing Greens

These were all taken at my local Church. I went there with Danbo. This was a starting point, I really felt that I improved when I saw these photos that I took.

Her Flower
Sun Kissed

Am I improving?

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  1. I really like the HMO picture…looks like she’s enjoying those lights! And the Danbo pics look so colourful..and alive!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      I really loved the danbo pics too! Natural sunlight really is the best. XD
      I’m hoping on remaking the HMO pic since I’m thinking of making it better. It was really one of my best that time. 😀

  2. Nicole says: Reply

    Yes you are! The Danbo photos are soooo good! The colors are so clean and crisp. The impression I got from Danbo is actually more like a stealth operation. haha! Really great photos! <3

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thank you!! XD XD
      Lately I’ve been feeling down about my photos but words like these encourage me. (>”)>!

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