Building Bear Guy!


Today, Miku and Mayoi decided to follow Ojou-sama’s order and snap build her Pink Bear Guy..

Miku: Ojou-sama told me that we should snap build this one..                      Mayoi: Seems easy..

Miku: Go Mayoi! Go! Faster! Open it!                Mayoi: Why aren’t you helping?!
Miku: Because I’m here to be adorable. > w <
Mayoi: I have the feeling that I’ll be doing all the work..                      Miku: *dancesinthebackground*
Miku: Ohhhh… The instruction’s in japanese… Mayoi: I’ll go get the hobby knife.
Mayoi: Look! It’s so sharp and pointy~ Miku: it says here that snails aren’t allowed to use those…. *shudder*
cutting.. cutting..
Miku: Look Mayoi!! I have a new hat! :D
Miku: push push push~
Mayoi: This goes here…
Look I have a new backpack!
Miku: Why are you using my head as a support?! Mayoi: You’re only useful for that. -__-
Oh look.. decapitated bear head.
Hehe.. I have bear eyes on my hand..
This is really tiring.. *wipessweat**
Miku stop messing arounddd!!
Mayoi: Ugh.. Miku… -__- *facepalm* Miku: It’s not my fault that nendos are designed for cuteness. T_T
this goes heereee..
Just a few moreee..
Miku: Haha… His butt is weird!
Done! Miku: Why am I out of focus?! Mayoi: You didn’t do much. Bear Guy: Who are these people?!

And that is how they built Bear Guy!

or at least.. Mayoi did.. Miku just messed around.


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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    Hahahaha!! This is so great!!! My favorite has to be Miku shouting over the megaphone and telling Hachi to go faster. =)) The Hachi angry face is just perfect. Also Miku’s “his butt is weird!” scene. =)) This made my day, thank you very much! :))

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      You’re welcome! XD
      Congrats on being featured on Figure.FM. 😉 Awesome post you have! 😀 😀

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