Nendoroid Collecting – How it all started..


I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, thinking to myself, “What should I even write as my first real post?”. Of course the obvious answer would be something related to my Nendoroid collection, since this is a Nendoroid blog. However, I’m now finding it hard to think of something to actually talk about. Weird, right? I suppose I should start on how I started Nendoroid collecting.

Ahnpan’s First Nendoroid Encounter

Here’s a really short summary for those who are too lazy to read the whole story.

Ahnpan browses the wild wild forest called “Internet”…
A wild nendoroid Theia appears!
Ahnpan is startled!
Nendoroid Theia used CUTENESS!
Ahnpan is hypnotized! It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!
Nendoroid Theia used BUY ME!
Ahnpan is struck! Ahnpan empties wallet!
Nendoroid Theia WINS!

Longer version..

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

I first saw nendoroids on toycons. I never really noticed them that much. During that time, I’ve always thought that they were just cute but JUST that. I stared at them, think they’re cute and then go to another figure.

My interest in nendoroid actually bloomed because of my friend. You see, my friend is a hardcore Gundam model kit (Gunpla) collector. Every week he posted photos of his hauls, and his built figures. I thought to myself, I wonder what it feels like to collect toys? Being the cheapskate that I am, my initial thought was that it was a waste of money.

One of my friend’s Gundam

A few months ago, May 2012 to be exact, I found myself browsing at online anime figure shops, looking at scaled figures, nendoroids, figmas, and other anime related items. I started to find them really fascinating. PVC figures of my favorite characters that seemed so.. alive. They were so enticing, so beautiful in my opinion. Scale Figures by Alter and Good Smile Company made me drool. The details! The sculpt! It was art. My kind of art.

However, as much as I really loved seeing scale figures on photos, I was even more enticed by nendoroids. I don’t know why but their cuteness really struck me. Everyday I would browse my favorite online shop, looking at nendoroids. Nothing really caught my fancy at that time. I loved them, I loved looking at them, I loved seeing their pictures, but not enough for me to actually buy one. My love for money is strong! And in my wallet’s opinion, paying 2000 php for a figure was a load of BS… until I saw her.

Nendoroid Series #89: Magical Theia

I found her while searching a local online shop. They used this as her picture. There was something about this photo that enticed me. It was as if she’s saying, “Hi! Take my hand.. I’ll lead you to a wonderful world. 🙂“.

For 2 weeks I found myself constantly browsing that site, stalking, hoping that no one would buy her. I was hesitant. My wallet was yelling, “NOOOOOO!! It’s a trap!!“, but my mind was set. I wanted her. I needed her. On June 06, 2012, I clicked the Buy Now button.

She arrived June 11, 2012. I fell in love with her even more. I took pictures of her. A lot of pictures!

Detective Theia: “I’m watching you! ಠ_ರೃ”
“Have you met my lion? He likes food too!”
You don’t seem like a trustworthy person to me… ಠ_ಠ

I thought to myself she’ll be my first, and only nendoroid love.

I was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Now, after roughly 4 months, I have grown my collection from just Theia to 12 nendoroids.
Not as much as others but for 4 months, I think it’s a good start.
Here’s my nendo tower.. or fort.. maybe just a display. @_@”

4 months worth of nendoroid collecting!
Pre-orders not included. D:

I see myself doomed to this hobby for the next few years.
Most of the time, I find myself in a dilemma over my love for money and my love for nendoroids… Nendoroids usually win.

Some of them displayed. :)

Hopefully, I find myself out of this wallet trap of a hobby before I become bankrupt.
And as much as my wallet hates this..

I love nendoroid collecting.
I really do.

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  1. Rei says: Reply

    Hello. It seems that you’re new here, so welcome to WordPress! I’m delighted to find another person who would be doing figure reviews, and of course with the extra bits of your life, that seem like it’s going to be interesting! I look forward to your future posts! Money are meant to be spend, so throw em’ all at those Nendoroids with no regrets! Hur hur!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Oh yeash! Glad to find more figure reviews and enthusiasts here too!
      Money are meant to be spent, I just hope that GSC doesn’t take all of my money. D:
      Every month, whenever a new nendoroid is released, I’m like…

      1. Rei says: Reply

        Hah! Happens all the time! They make my wallet cry but getting them just feels so worthwhile.

  2. Haha nendoroid collecting can be addictive ^^. It can also suck up all your money, so be careful! I know I have to hold myself back from spending all my cash on figures. Nice selection of nendoroids by the way ^^.

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Yes. It’s very addicting. @_@ A few of my friends already started getting interested in it since I always talk about it. I’ve always warned them though, “Buy one and you’ll be trapped! TRAPPED I SAY!!!”

      Recently I’ve been able to control my impulsive buying, can’t help it though whenever a nendo’s being sold at a dirt cheap price.

  3. wah..i saw your collection…
    it really nice 😀
    specially i like miku nendo >u<

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thank you! I have this sort of biased for my Miku HMO too. XD I think she’s just too adorable!

      1. yes i like miku HMO ver too
        her expression really so much like miku X3

  4. It’s a disease!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      It’s contagious! Can spread even through the internetz! D:

  5. Didn’t see this post before…ahaah my first ever Nendoroid was Haruhi

    And from then on…it’s been a road of unbelievable cuteness!! And seriously awesome selection of Nendos by the way =D

    Great taste!

    1. ahnpan says: Reply

      Thanks! I try not to buy random nendos since I have a limited budget and I’m a little picky since I want ones with lots of accessories. D:

      Oh yeash, the cuteness is literally killing my wallet. XD XD They’re so adorable that I often don’t mind anymore. XD

      1. i see your from ph right? i myself right now is planning on buying my very first nendoroid or figma i can’t really decide nendo or figma? i like cute things.. but figmas look cool. ugh..

        anyhow can you tell me what store you buy figures from? im doing a canvas right now comparing prices so i can get the best possible deal. because i only have budget for ONE figure. and that’s it.

        1. ahnpan says: Reply

          hello, 😀
          Yup, I’m from the Philippines. Nendoroids and figmas are two really different figures haha! Go for nendos if you want cuteness, go for figmas for articulation. 🙂
          There’s a list of trusted shops and online shops listed on the nendoroid philippines group (link: Feel free to join and look around. We’ve provided documents that answer basic collecting questions. 😀

      2. Thank you for replying.. requested to join the group! xD
        im still torn between nendo and figma.. haha.. guess i gotta look at more nendo pics. good day and god bless. 😀

        1. ahnpan says: Reply

          Pick what you like more, you can’t go wrong with either lines. 😀

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